2. THEN IT CLOSES IN Around the WASH WATER It floats suds and light soil away - down via the hollow center of your agitator . . . flushes heavy soil away in the bottom. Dirty wash water in no way strains back through clean clothes!

3. LIKE A GIANT PAIR OF HANDS The tub squeezes water out on the clothes. No risky wringer. No violent high-speed spinning to tear the life out of fabrics.

4. IT Requires A DEEP BREATH WHEN It's Through releases the vacuum and presents you together with the cleanest, brightest, wash in town!

PORTABLE, Too! It wants neither bolting down nor permanent plumbing. There is no spinning, no vibration. Casters at quite slight added cost make the Bendix Agitator Washer portable so you'll be able to roll it anywhere-store it anyplace!


Because of Bendix patented options. The lively Bendix Wondertub is a single of them. It does the jobs that need several pricey parts in other automatic washers.

$199.95. but it is a far better washer than other folks that sell for much additional!

? Let your Bendix Dealer demonstrate how it performs.

BENDIX Property APPLIANCES, Div. AVCO Manufacturing Corp. perfect replica hublot , Cincinnati 25, Ohio
In Canada Bendix Automatic Laundry Appliances are manufactured and distributed by Moffats Limited, Weston, Ontario.

It is virtually as if it had been alive! (Oct, 1954)

It's almost as if it were alive!

and only BENDIX AGITATOR WASHERS have it...

the TUB that definitely Performs to acquire your clothes clean!

The Bendix versatile Metaxaloy Wondertub truly Adjustments SHAPE as it goes through its cycle! It really is stronger than steel, more sturdy than porcelain omega fake watches . It cannot chip, crack, or rust buy hublot replica . We Guarantee it in writing for 5 Complete YEARS!

1. WILL TUG A TOWEL Ideal OUT Of one's HAND!

The uncommon shape of this astounding tub creates a powerful undertow action that pulls clothes down deep in to the wash water, and keeps them there in continuous motion. All the clothing are becoming washed All of the time!

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