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Your solution partner in modular partitions fixed and sliding doors, movable partitions and vertical construction materials which combine aesthetics with innovation in design; in compliance with the standards, technical specifications and construction techniques of architecture. 

Adapted as vision to bring the Turkish Architects together with the products capable of responding to the most novel, contemporary and different expectations by virtue of both the novel products developed and via distributorship agreements executed with leading foreign companies.

We assure our business partners as regards timely delivery, consistent pricing policy and quality by virtue of our long-established experience. Our communication with our clients covers all fields of communication from the sales process up to after sales services concerning how to use or render services with the products sold. We are endeavoring to perform today what must be done after 10 years rather than endeavoring to perform today what must be done 10 years ago.

We keep the pace with the change through specialist and experienced staff of our R&D department who continuously research innovative technologies and novel materials and adapting the same to our products. Simplicity in detail solutions and easy and fast application constitute the most important criteria for us.

Our marketing insight bases on the understanding on how to add value rather than how to earn money. Our current and future objective is to offer creative and architectural solutions by comprehending what our client thinks or desires. The question we seek answer to is not the question: what is a product, but what does our client need.


Our vision is to carry Barta to the future by balancing the pace of change in the sector with the in-house pace of change within the company and offer products and services that exceed the needs and expectations of the clients through innovative and creative building solutions.


Our mission is to produce products and solutions that add value to the lifestyle of our clients where durability, aesthetics and functionality are combined by employing our long established knowledge, skills and capabilities.


• Respect

• Trust

• Transparency

• Honesty

• Teamwork

• Environmental sensitivity

• Corporate responsibility

• Customer Oriented Service

• Openness to Change and Development

• To be Honest and to work hard for continuous development

• Consider Customer Satisfaction to be the top priority

• Emphasize that our most important capital is our Human Resources






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